Founded in 2009, Bua is a brand, communication & PR agency, located in Sligo.

We work with ambitious, brave and creative clients.

We mostly work with clients in the Tourism, Cultural, Creative and ‘Challenger’ Start-Up industries. 

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What We Do

01Discern & Interpret

We can’t solve a problem until we understand it. We get into the quant and qual to understand your organisation, customers and potential customers.

We also love sprints and workshops; they help you find the right voice and strategy.

  • + brand sprints
  • + brand voice workshops
  • + market needs analysis
  • + measurable creativity
  • + analytics
  • + data analysis
  • + customer insights
  • + SEO

02Imagine & Create

We create authentic, creative and sustainable brands and brilliant marketing campaigns. A Bua campaign will only ever include the most exciting, beautiful and impactful ideas, content, photography, videography; whatever is needed to make an impact.

  • + marketing strategy
  • + communication strategy
  • + photography
  • + content marketing
  • + videography
  • + brand identity
  • + visual identity
  • + content calendars
  • + PR strategy

03Brand & Communicate

We create brands that cut through the noise; our brands create lasting impressions and customer loyalty. we create immersive, creative, sustainable marketing & PR campaigns. We work at the intersection between online and offline, influential partnerships, cultural moments and knowing just the right crowd to get talking about your brand.

  • + brand activism
  • + marketing execution
  • + strategic surprise
  • + social media
  • + email marketing
  • + fam trips
  • + influencer marketing

How we do it

  • Measurable Creativity:

    Creativity is core to everything we do; but so is the impact of that creativity. We call it the ‘so what’ bit. What did this achieve? What are your objectives and how will you measure them? We don’t believe in working on any campaign that isn’t measurable.

  • Digital Baked-In:

    Bua Marketing started as a digital marketing agency. The internet has always been core to every marketing strategy we have worked on. Technology is not a marketing campaign, however, and we do not use digital for digital’s sake. Great marketing is knowing how to cut through the noise and excite an audience. We love how you can do that in many ways, including using digital channels.

  • Audience-Centric:

    Time and again we ask the question who is this for and why would they care? We immediately focus everything we do on who the target audience is and what their needs/wants are.

  • Great Story-Telling:

    Everything we do begins with a story. We find the hook, the angle, the nub of what makes a client offering interesting or different and use that story to excite and engage audiences.

The Bua Marketing Team

Aoife Porter

Aoife Porter set-up Bua Marketing in Sligo in 2009.

Aoife has a Diploma from the Digital Marketing Institute, an MSc in Multimedia Systems from Trinity College Dublin and a BSc in Finance, Computing & Entrepreneurship from Dublin City University.

With over fifteen years of experience in marketing, product management and brand development, Aoife has held positions at Microsoft Ireland and eLearning company ThirdForce. Aoife is a mentor for Failte Ireland.

See Aoife Porter’s LinkedIn profile here

Chiara tallarini

Chiara Tallarini joined Bua Marketing in 2020 as Digital Marketing Executive.

Chiara has a MA degree in Modern Languages from Roma Tre University, Rome and a Diploma in Graphic Design from Ballyfermot College, Dublin. Prior to joining Bua, she worked for tech companies in Dublin such as Microsoft and Indeed.

With her past experiences in client service and graphic design roles, Chiara brings a varied and valuable set of skills to the Bua team including social media management, visual design and content creation.

See Chiara’s LinkedIn profile here.