Bua – A Year In Review

As a female-helmed marketing agency, we take great pride in our small and flexible team, which can respond and adapt with ease. 2020 certainly threw a lot of challenges that required us to double down on this and to step up even further for clients and projects.

It’s now December, a milestone for us all to reach, so we felt it appropriate to review some of our memorable Bua highlights from the year: 

  1. Measurable Creativity
    In 2020 we introduced ‘Measurable Creativity’ Bua’s new process where creativity and measurability meet; where ideas and data intersect; the juncture where innovation and creativity meet technology and leadership.

It’s not a new idea, but it is our new way to communicate with our clients how we work and the way we work.  We use this process to develop creative marketing campaigns; working with clients like destination management companies to form campaign themes and content pillars, we then use all of our measurable tools to analyse, track and determine the effectiveness of what we are doing; learning, and listening to consumers along the way, and fine-tuning our process.

For us, this now means we only take on work that is creative and measurable. It underpins everything we do going forward. To see more about ‘Measurable Creativity’ and what we do check out our ‘About’ section.

  1. Brilliant Client Work

In 2020 we have had the joy to work with brilliant brands and companies who understand the need to create great work.

We saw opportunities for local independent businesses to move online and supported as many as possible to quickly pivot; we worked with exceptional destinations and cultural organisations who are repositioning their brand story for years to come as tourism and international travel restarts.

We worked with ambitious hubs, startups and retailers as well as development agencies like Failte Ireland and Local Enterprise Office.

We also worked on lots of cultural and creative projects including our ongoing literary tourism project with the Western Development Commission; Spot-lit.eu and ongoing work with The Model arts centre in Sligo.

We worked on LOTS of brilliant video projects. We truly believe in the power of video to deliver a compelling campaign impact that converts. (See our YouTube channel here for some highlights).

8 degrees westWe also loved expanding our branding portfolio. We did lots of brand sprints and brand voice workshops with clients (and on ourselves!). One very exciting project we loved working is a new tourism project for Donegal which we worked with Revert Design on: 8 Degrees West

  1. Award Success sligo tourism award

Following on from our EDEN Award win in 2019, we were delighted to score a bronze medal from the Irish social media Awards ‘The Sockies’ for Bua’s ‘Sligo Is Open’ campaign for Sligo Tourism.  We are pretty proud of this one.

We have been working with Sligo Tourism for over eighteen months and in that period we commissioned three videos to promote Sligo as a destination. You can read more about this project here.

  1. LEADER Support

While growing a marketing agency on the Northwesterly coast of Ireland has its own challenges, we are very grateful for the support from Sligo LEADER Partnership for our vision to become a national and internationally recognised creative brand and marketing agency.

  1. Failte Ireland Mentoring Panel:

As our work with destination management companies continues, Bua was delighted to join the Failte Ireland Mentoring Panel and deliver destination marketing training to industry leaders during a pivotal summer 2020.

  1. New Bua HQ:

As our team expands and our partnership grows, we were delighted to move into our lovely sunny offices in Strand Campus in March. We love the dynamic offering of businesses here in Strandhill.

Given we can hear the waves from our office; it has also made swell checks a little easier.

  1. The National Geographic

national geographic strandhill

We spend a lot of time considering how to raise the profile of our hometown to an international audience.

While we were all glued to the phenomenally successful Normal People in Spring, Bua was delighted to support a feature on County Sligo in The National Geographic in April with travel write Pól O’Conghaile. You can read that article here.

  1. Passion Projects 

Póg Phoist was our new creative project in 2020. This project came from a desire to do some good by working with lovely creative people and getting you to spread some love during the crazy year that was 2020.

In a time where restrictions have limited where we can travel and those who can travel to us, Póg Phoist was our way to spread a little love in an analogue way with a collection of postcards designed by six Sligo-based designers and illustrators. Read more about Póg Phoist here

pog phoist

Despite all its challenges, we are very grateful for the work we got to be involved with this year and we very much look forward to the new adventures a new year brings. 


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