Bua Marketing supports Sligo Tourism digital campaign #SligoWhoKnew

We’re delighted we can finally reveal an exciting project we’ve been involved with over recent months.  #SligoWhoKnew is the new marketing campaign from the very innovative folks at Sligo Tourism.  Uniquely it has digital ‘baked in’ from the campaign foundations.

Bua Marketing was asked to get join the digital team for this campaign long before we could talk about it; over the past few months we have attended some lively discussions about how Sligo’s low profile is a major part of its charm and a competitive advantage on the national tourism front.  

This summer Sligo Tourism is taking advantage of that unique advantage by getting people to tag their social media updates with #SligoWhoKnew.

Cleverly they have put key influencers at the heart of their campaign; so if you haven’t yet tuned into Annie West‘s entertaining tweets (her recent 100,000th tweet made national news!) now is the time to do so.

All of the social media updates from the campaign can be viewed on the Sligo Tourism website at http://whoknew.sligotourism.ie/

Luckily, Facebook have just introduced hashtags.  While it is currently only feeding Page posts for the moment, it’s still a very handy tool for viewing related page posts.  So you can now see the Facebook page posts tagged #SligoWhoKnew at https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/sligowhoknew

Image Caption:  A windy Rosses Point beach on June 15th

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