Do awards really matter?

We’re off this evening to the Irish Web Awards for the first time because is a finalist in the social media category and we’re delighted to be involved. In the Irish web industry along there are a plethora of awards you get nominated for or nominate yourself of course:

Image Credit: Terren

There are possibly some that I’m missing.  That’s quite a few, eh?  You could possibly spend half of your available working hours filling out nomination forms and writing relatively chunky cheques to enter (to be fair, the price to enter the awards varies across the various awards and for each competition, there is usually some free to enter categories if you’re a non-profit organisation.)

Irish Web Awards Nomination Badge

This prompts the question about the importance in the industry of having awards and whether you should get involved?  Is it really worth it to your bottom line to win awards? Of course there is industry recognition for the winners and of course for every competition there are skeptics and begrudgers.

As with any back-slapping exercise, there’s a certain amount of ego-inflation it helps with, there’s a certain amount of wider-recognition they bring.  Are they vital to your business. No, you could be the highest achiever in your field without any awards.  If you’re doing a great job and reaping the rewards, a gong on your mantle isn’t going to make any difference.

However, getting involved with the various awards is a great way to meet others in your game and possibly to make you raise the bar yourself a little more.  So, for the moment, until we become very cynical and tired, we’ll continue to fill out those nomination forms and get our glad-rags on.

Fingers crossed for this evening.

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