How Irish Destinations Should Plan for the 2021 Domestic Market

‘Survive To Thrive’ Failte Ireland Industry Event

This week Fáilte Ireland hosted their annual industry workshop where they announced their 2021 plans for supporting and promoting the tourist industry.

Over 5,000 people attended the online event where Fáilte announced two new funding schemes to improve the quality of outdoor dining spaces in our key tourism destinations and enhance urban areas to make them more appealing to visitors.

Niall Tracey, Marketing Director for Fáilte Ireland also announced they plan a large domestic marketing campaign; a re-activation of the ‘Keep Discovering’ campaign that had a very short window for execution early last year. 

Tips for Planning Your Own Destination Marketing Campaigns

We look forward to working with lots of destinations this year to help leverage this campaign yet still deliver key destination differentiation messages.

But how to be different? We asked some of Ireland’s top travel journalists and thought leaders on tourism about their tips for the road to recovery for the tourism industry in 2021. We think there are some really great destination insights here that you can use, whether you are an individual business/organisation or a DMO (destination marketing organisation.

Pól Ó Conghaile, Travel Editor, Irish Independent

Pól Ó Conghaile is a Travel Editor & Writer with deep expertise across online, broadcast and print media. He works as Travel Editor with The Irish Independent and writes, photographs and creates content for international titles including National Geographic Traveller.

Over 20 years travelling the world, Pól has built a trusted reputation as a travel expert who consistently produces award-winning content. Pól is a regular contributor on travel to national TV and radio.
In this video, Irish Independent Travel Editor Pól shares his tips for the year ahead including how destinations like Sligo have so many strengths as a destination where safety, space and nature are key in COVID times.

Follow Pól: Twitter @PolOConghaile Instagram: @PolOConghaile

Cillian Murphy, Sustainable Tourism Consultant

Cillian Murphy has an MSc. Responsible Tourism and works as a community-focused destination development specialist. Cillian is Co-founder and former chairperson of the award-winning Loop Head Tourism.

In this video, Cillian gives his top tips for the year ahead including the need for key messages on safety and flexibility.

Follow Cillian: Twitter: @Tri2bResponsibl

Allan Dixon, Animal Whisperer – Media Strategist and Environmental Conservationist

Allan Dixon is a media strategist and environmental conservationist known for his unique approach to creating light-hearted, humorous content to promote wildlife. He is most famously known for his ability to engage his audience in a way that they, too, are interacting with all the interesting characters (and creatures) which seem to surround Allan throughout every step of the way in his adventure-filled life.

Following a bout of depression, Allan’s finally found himself in a position where he could use his gifts to put forth meaningful contributions to the world upon winning a contest titled ’Best Job in the World’ by Tourism Australia, giving him the tools to showcase the beauty of nature through the narrative of Australia at the birth of influencer marketing. Since then, Allan has been featured in a diverse array of notable publications and media outlets including Time Magazine, Youtube, GoPro, Instagram, Buzzfeed, as well as The Huffington Post and MTV.

Today, Allan has successfully created a community of individuals around the world who have been brought together through their love for wildlife and desire to create a future where animals and humans can co-exist

In this video, media strategist Allan Dixon, now based in Australia, gives his tips including the need to be digital-first and to prioritise video.

Follow Allan: Instagram @daxon

Eimear Hutchinson: Family Blogger & Influencer

Sligo native, but now living in County Cork, Eimear Hutchinson is one of Ireland’s leading family and lifestyle bloggers. Mum of four small girls, Eimear has a doctorate in Engineering.

In this video, family blogger Eimear Hutchinson who is originally from Co. Sligo, shares her top tips for staycations in the Northwest.

Follow Eimear: Instagram: @eimearhutchinson

A huge thank-you to all our contributors for taking the time to make these videos; we hope you find plenty of useful tips for your own destination campaigns this year.

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