Irish Social Media Usage Stats

When to post on FacebookNew stats on Irish social media usage have just been posted by the wonderful folks at 80/20.

Very interesting to see when people are most active on Facebook.  Definitely makes us realise how important it is to schedule your Facebook posts for when your audience are most active.  See how to schedule your Facebook posts here.

Other interesting stats from the demographic show Irish people are tweeting 1 million tweets per day.  We heard from Sinead McSweeney, Communication Manager for Twitter EMEA at another event in Dublin this week and she told us that it took 3 years, 2 months and 1 day to reach the the first billionth Tweet. There are now 1 billion new tweets every three days.

Social Media Stats Infographic IrelandWe’re total Twitter addicts and see huge benefits for every industry in using Twitter to engage with audiences and manage their online PR.  Though Twitter seems to be the channel that raises the most ‘I don’t get it’ responses.  So we’re thinking we should pass on some more Twitter case studies and tips.  Interested?  Watch this space.

You can view the infographic full sized at this link:

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