Most Popular Irish LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups are a really effective way of raising your profile on LinkedIn, whether you’re looking for a new job, trying to reach new customers and markets or just looking for some peer networking.

We asked the question on Twitter recently, which are the most popular Irish LinkedIn Groups.  We couldn’t find the answer and so we’ve taken a stab at it ourselves.  This isn’t an exact science, we searched for LinkedIn Groups with ‘Ireland’ or ‘Irish’ in the title, so if there are any groups missing, please do let us know!

Most Popular Irish LinkedIn Groups
Rank Name Members URL LinkedIn Group Description
1 Irish Executives 17849 This is an independent, neutral and non-political networking group for Irish business people and global Irish diaspora. The group aims to share business connections, ideas, jobs or consulting opportunities and to help promote Irish based or owned businesses.
2 Irish Business & Professional Network 13477 Ireland Business and Professional Network is the leading business and professional network in Ireland,
3 Trinity College Dublin 10154 This group is a resource for networking and staying in touch with people who have shared the Trinity experience.
4 Engineers Ireland 9653 With almost 24,000 members, Engineers Ireland is one of the country’s oldest and largest professional bodies.
5 UCC Alumni 8425 Connect into University College Cork’s alumni network.
6 Webrecruit Ireland 8359 In April 2010, former Dragon James Caan launched webrecruit into Ireland to create an innovative online recruitment solution
7 Irish American Business Network 8026
8 DIT 7917 This online resource, administered by the Graduate Network, is open to all former students of DIT*, along with current staff and students.
9 Social Media Ireland 7378 Are you interested in using using new media to effectively and… Join Ireland’s largest social media focused business group.
10 IT Ireland 7260 Group of IT Irish professionals and people working in IT in Ireland.
11 NUI Galway 7153
12 DCU Alumni 6857 DCU Alumni is a valuable professional, social & international network for alumni.
13 UL Alumni 6816 This group is for Graduates and Friends of the University of Limerick and is administered by the UL Alumni Association.
14 Chartered Accountants Ireland 6100
15 Innovation Ireland 5891 Innovation has never been more important to companies seeking sustainable competitive advantage. This group is for people interested in helping Ireland continue to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) by being the innovation island.
16 UCD 5828 This is a group for students, staff and alumni of University College, Dublin (UCD).
17 Irish Recruiters 3413
18 IFSC Dublin Networking 3031 This group is aimed at IFSC professionals in Dublin as a way of developing networking contacts within the Financial Services sector.
19 Friends of Ireland 4385 This group is for Irish Citizens, Friends of Ireland, and all people who are connected with or have a love of Ireland and who would like to get to know some really great people.
20 Northern Ireland Business 3979 A Northern Ireland networking group for professionals and entrepreneurs from all industries.
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