New portfolio website for creatives in the West of Ireland

We’re delighted to be working with the Western Development Commission on a new website for creative industries in the West of Ireland. is a new website to showcase the work of creative businesses, freelancers and jobseekers in the West of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Västerbotten (Sweden) and Northern Finland.

MyCreativeEdge is now inviting creative businesses, freelancers and graduates based in the West of Ireland to submit a profile to its Creative Showcase.  Upon approval; you can create your own profile with its very visual portfolio tool.   The main advantage of the portfolio tool is how visual it is.   You can see the Bua Marketing profile on the site here.

The extra advantage of the site is that profiles of creative business and freelancers on the site will be promoted to potential international customers and clients from the four partner regions, their diasporas and other export markets.

So, if you know of any creative businesses or individuals in the West of Ireland who would like to reach new markets, please let them know about  Even better, jump on the site here and create your portfolio now.

Other Creative Industry Initiatives:

There seem to be lots of initiatives running to support creative industries in the West of Ireland at the moment.

  • There is the 4CNW project for creatives in the North West which also has a creative directory (we’re delighted to be included).
  • There is also the CISNET project in Mayo for small and medium enterprises in the creative & cultural Industries from Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Portugal and Spain
  • Harnessing Creativity is a project for creative businesses, entrepreneurs & SME’s in Leitrim, Fermanagh, Tyrone & surrounding region.

Most of these projects seem to be EU funded and are probably getting a little confusing for creative industry peeps.  Hopefully somebody will figure that out soon and provide a one stop shop of where to find info on support initiatives for creatives in the West of Ireland.

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