New #StrandhillMoments Video for Culturally Curious Audience

In 2018 we developed a tourism marketing strategy for the Strandhill Coolera peninsula.

We identified three audiences to target to help achieve the objectives of extending the tourist season and increasing the average length of stay; these were Pre-Teen Families, Social Energisers and the Culturally Curious.

Strandhill has a reputation as being a pretty special place to visit; its rolling waves attract surfers from far corners and its plethora of eating and drinking options like Shells Cafe, Stoked and Mammy Johnsons will tick many boxes for those looking for a fresh air getaway with all the modern needs of flat whites and good vibes.

In our campaign to target the ‘Culturally Curious’ we wanted to showcase the slightly less well-known wealth of great heritage sites in the region. It is a brilliant destination for those with an appetite for history, mythology and culture.

So we had a challenge; how to create a short video, suitable for social which would not aim to detail all of the facts; merely to serve as an emotive teaser to encourage people to learn more about visiting Strandhill as a heritage destination. Did we pull it off? We hope so!

The team behind this campaign included Denise Rushe of Starling & Co, Allan and Dave from GoStrandhill, Peter Clyne for videography and Peter Martin for photography. All local to the area. All super-talented. What more could you ask for?

This campaign has been hugely successful; it has even been short-listed for an Irish Content Marketing Award. We are chuffed.

Want more info? Check out the Top 5 Heritage Things To Do in Strandhill on GoStrandhill.

Huge thanks to Cllr Sinéad Maguire and the Strandhill Community Development Association who secured Town & Village Renewal Scheme funding for this campaign.

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