Social Media ‘Baked In’ – #SligoWhoKnew media campaign

The media world is gushing in its praise for the new #SligoWhoKnew media campaign, that has social media ‘baked in’ from its inception.

‘Baked In’ means that social media isn’t tacked on at the end but is part of the product from the planning stages.

With the clever #SligoWhoKnew tagline underpinning the notion of a hidden gem, the team embedded their own very active social media channels and a broad group of social media influencers with Sligo connections to activate the campaign across all social networks.

Team Sligo spokesperson Damian Devaney says: “The visitor’s experience tells the story of Sligo better than anything else. The research verified what we were hearing across the tables and the counters – that Sligo is a hidden gem of many sides. Rather than imagine that in generic marketing materials,  we are looking to get the outside world to see Sligo in a more accessible, personal and amusing way. We are relying on the experience of the visitor and the advice of the locals – the proud ambassadors of their homeland and those who know the true gems that make a holiday memorable.”

It’s great to see both a curated version  and a full view of all the #SligoWhoKnew social media updates on TagBoard at

Expect to see many similar versions of this campaign in the future!

Image Captions: Sligo Tourism images by James Connolly of PicSell8

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