Bua’s Top Tips For Great Social Media Visual Design

With the ever-changing landscape of social media each year, it can be hard at times to keep up with what we should focus on for each platform.

Creating great visuals has always been a priority for any content strategy, but with short attention spans and busy work-life schedules, great visual design approaches for your social content will make the difference between adding to the noise or stopping the scroll.

In this post, we offer our top hacks for making your social media content stand out and convert new followers into an engaged community.

#1: Animated Content 

In a world that is always in a rush, the use of animated content (either in the form of short videos or GIFs) is a trend that is destined to grow; we can see its growth with developments such as Instagram Reels and Stories, TikTok, and Fleets on Twitter.

It may look intimidating at first, but animation doesn’t have to be super complicated; it can be as simple as a flashing text or moving element in the background of a graphic to attract eyeballs.

If you’re not an Adobe pro, check out Canva or Easil for a super easy and cost-effective way to create animated content.



#2: Colour Blocking Your Feed 

Create a more cohesive social feed by using simple colour blocking techniques; this helps you stay ‘on brand’ aligning with colour palettes and tones.

You can use your brand colours to find ways to connect each post to the next one.

Another quick tip here is to ensure your Instagram profile is aligned with your brand; use branded Highlights covers (colour and font), and ensure your top latest 12 posts are all in some way connected to your brand.

This can be done through graphics or photography that has a specific tone or filter.

A visual planning tool like Later can help you to plan your posts and colour co-ordinate your Instagram grid.

#3: Typography & Lettering

We are great font fans here and always ensure clients we work with are aware of the importance of the correct use of font.

For us, this means working with or using fonts that once again align with the brand; is it serif or sans serif? Bold and shouty or italic and calming?

If you want to know more about this topic, read this blog post on how to choose the right that fits your brand personality.

#4: Data Visualisation

Do you have content that relies heavily on data and layers of information?

Sometimes the best way of communicating information-rich content is through simple visuals that make it easier to read and understand.

Whether it’s survey results or some positive business news, try to use an infographic layout next time you have a lot to say. Whether it’s digital or print, infographics can pack a punch.

If you are not familiar with data visualisation and infographics, try this free infographic maker on Canva to get started!

#5: Flat Icons & Illustrations 

Very simply; shapes and images convey a message with a lot more speed and impact than a paragraph of text can.

They also helps differentiate your content from a competitor.

Once again, choose icons or work with an illustrator whose style and work aligns with your brand.

If you want to know more about how to incorporate illustration in your brand, read this article.



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#6: Photography 

The importance of great photography will always be a top priority.

Creating a bespoke suite of images for your social media content helps to instantly portray a consistent and branded visual aesthetic.

We always recommend to create a seasonal or campaign-based suite of images that can be used across digital, print and PR to ensure campaign consistency.

If you cannot create your own image library, read our blog post on where to find free stock images for your next project.

#7: The Giphy Library 

Giphy joined the Facebook team of companies in 2020; their goal is to make everyday conversations more entertaining…” through their library of giphs and stickers.

You can create branded suite and add it to Giphy so it appears when Instagram users search your brand or related keywords.

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