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Anybody who has met me lately knows how much I have been banging on about the importance of focusing your online activities on attracting traffic to your website and then converting that traffic into potential leads.  Expect lots more blogposts about this topic over the coming months.  I’ve even been asked to speak at the National Women’s Enterprise Day in October.

So my useful tools of the day relate to finding keywords to target for your website.

Every business should have a hitlist of keywords to focus on ranking well for in search engines.  How do you find this list of keywords? Well there are lots of useful tools out there.  Most people start with the Google Keyword Analyser Tool which is built into Google AdWords but you can also use even if you don’t have an AdWords account.

SMEs should definitely focus on finding keywords that have a balance of a volume of searches (i.e. popularity) vs. competitiveness.  Use the filters in the Google Keyword tool to create a list of relevant keywords that have a decent volume of monthly searches but only low to medium competitiveness and you have a better chance of being able to rank for them.

Another really useful free tool to help create your list of keywords is Ubersuggest.

The Ubersuggest tool is super useful as it works like Google’s Suggest feature and therefore will actually show you what is being suggested to your potential audience as common searches.  The handy thing with Ubersuggest of course is that it will allow you to export a suggested list of keywords.  It’s a really great way to find a list of long-tail keywords.  You should then copy and paste your target list into the Google Keyword Tool to determine how competitive they are.

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