Work Experience Uncovered – Dispatches from a Transition Year Student

We’re delighted to have transition year student Kevin Fidgeon of Summerhill College in Sligo on board for work experience this month.  Check out his blogpost below on his experience with Bua Marketing.   We love how he’s doing sales and marketing for us all in one blogpost.  Come back any time Kevin!

I’m on day two of work experience with Bua Marketing, and I’m finding it really interesting.  I’m learning lots about the world of online marketing, including how social media sites play a key role in the development and marketing of businesses.

Through social media sites you can notify customers of any news or promotions, ask for opinions or ask them to answer a survey.  However one of the best features is that you can let your customers do some work for you, for example, when they like or become friends with you, a notification pops up, when they like or comment on objects linked to your businesses page, a notification will appear.  All this is keeping the name of your business fresh in their head, and hopefully making you money.

Frequently posting about your product or even about topical news will create a buzz around your page, which will mean more people take a look.  For some businesses, you may not have the time to update your businesses social media site, the good news for you is now there are companies who will edit and manage them for you.

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