Facebook Privacy Settings – What’s the story?

Many hoaxes do the rounds on Facebook with many people reposting them without having the time or want to find out if they’re true.

A Facebook update that has appeared in different forms in the past and currently doing the rounds on people’s walls reads:

“With the recent changes in FB, people who are not in your contact list can see some of the information you posts to Facebook because one of your friends makes a comment or ‘likes’ your activity.

This post is incorrect. If you have set your Facebook privacy settings to ‘Friends Only’, a friend liking a post by you will not make it visible to others who are not your friends on Facebook.

It will still remain restricted within your friends on the social networking service. Only updates that have been set to ‘friends of friends’ and ‘public’ will be visible to non-friends.   See images below on where to set your Facebook privacy settings.

If you follow the instructions on the post mentioned above and remove youself from the ‘Comments and Likes’ of any given friend, the only thing this will do will limit the content you see from this friend.  If you unsubscribe from a user’s ‘comments and likes’ you’ll not know what they have commented on or have liked.   All well and good, if you find this friend a little boring!

Image Caption:  Image by OpenSourceWay under Creative Commons on Flickr here.

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