Boyne Valley Tourism

The Challenge

Bua Marketing recently worked with Boyne Valley Tourism on their 2022 Destination Marketing campaign, ‘Where the Adventure begins.’ The goal was to deliver three high-quality video edits and a portfolio of photography showcasing the best of this incredible destination in Ireland’s Ancient East, with a focus on families and “unconstrained couples.”

The videos were part of their 2022 Destination Marketing campaign ‘Where the Adventure begins’.

boyne valley videos

The Solution

To bring this project to life, we partnered with Islander Visual, a talented videographer who delivered his usual magic behind the lens. Shot late in the summer of 2021, the three videos take viewers on a virtual adventure through the oldest and most historical landscape in Ireland, providing holiday inspiration for families and couples alike.

The ‘hero’ video showcases the Boyne Valley’s highlights and gives a broad overview of what the area has to offer. The family video provides a more family-centric experience, featuring the many activities and attractions that make the Boyne Valley a perfect destination for families. The couple’s video features a more romantic experience, highlighting the beauty of the landscape and the various romantic activities the Boyne Valley offers.

Discover Boyne Valley – Hero Video

Discover Boyne Valley – Family Video

Discover Boyne Valley – Couple Video


The results of the campaign have been outstanding, with a combined viewing of over 500,000 views on YouTube. These results show the high level of engagement and interest that the Boyne Valley’s content generates, proving the campaign’s success.

We’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to work on this project with Boyne Valley Tourism, showcasing the beauty of this incredible destination through stunning video content. If you’re looking for a perfect family or couples holiday destination, make sure to check out the Boyne Valley.


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